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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice artwork, but...

First of all, let me point out the good aspects:
- The audio and voice quality is excelent, doing a good job there.
- The artwork is appealing, looks great. (Too bad for the quality drop on the beginning & ending animations. That's just lazy... =P)

But there are some flaws in it:
- What is the reason of putting a subject like this in such a context (meaning the world and characters)?
- It is indeed, as you said so yourself, too "talky" though you are trying to make a point. But it still lacks immersion, can lose the interest of the audience. You could've visualized certain dialog points for example (like flashbacks)...
- Facial expressions may be exaggerated to point out emotions especially when you focus on the faces and the "talky" aspect of it. The characters are lively though, there's always something moving. But it still has a certain static look to it that is mainly caused by the subtile facial expressions.

It did made me laugh, because you did make a funny point that is just so true. XD
Good humor there, also waiting for the next Tankmen here... =)
If you have any further questions about the feedback, be free to PM me. ^___^

Keep creating new things! Doing great. =)